Author Guidelines

  1. Articles must be original without containing plagiarism elements.
  2. The article has never been published in any media.
  3. Scientific articles written in Indonesian or English.
  4. Each manuscript / article must begin with 150-250words abstract.
  5. Articles can be based on conceptual or empirical research findings.
  6. The body of the article uses the Palatino Linotype 11 pt font, except for the 14 pt title, name (No Title) and author affiliation, 9 pt abstract. Space size 1 (except abstract 0) following the example in the template provided; use word processing software (word processor), such as Open Office Writer, Microsoft Word. Files are uploaded in .rtf format.
  7. Manuscript length between 3000-6000 words (except bibliography) including tables, figures, and attachments.
  8. Include at least 15 references (books, journals, laws and regulations and legal websites)
  9. All writing guidelines must refer to the Rechtenstudent Journal template provided (download at
  10. All journal article manuscripts will be corrected by academics according to their scientific qualifications; this is a process that may take weeks or months.